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Capture is a youth media arts and education program whose mission is to mentor young people in the digital media arts to help them find their voice, tell their stories, and be empowered to affect positive change in their lives, their communities, and the World.  The experience will provide the youth with the skills needed to master their environment by learning the craft of storytelling, camera work, and non-linear editing, as well as audio production. In the past, Capture has worked in conjunction with such organizations as Rooted to Grow, Grove Hall Youth Outreach, Project RIGHT, Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD), and the Boston Police Department.

The media tends to focus on the negative issues that affect inner city youth such as violence, crime, poor education systems, and poverty. There is a crying need for positive—or at least honest—representations of the Boston community, which like any other is filled with families who share good times and bad, hope and despair, and… love, resiliency, and success. Capture aims to give our youth the tools resources and opportunities to CAPTURE their voices and those of their peers through video and audio production. We hope to give voice to, and access to the voices of, a chronically under-served population—the youth of Boston.

Our program can absolutely be altered to suit your needs. For more information, please contact us.




Week One: Creative thinking. Teens will work cooperatively in "brainstorming sessions" where script ideas will be discussed and developed. After studying standard script formats and looking at finished scripts, students will then begin the process of scripting and creating storyboards for their selected project ideas.

Weeks Two & Three:  The production phase. Teens will learn the skills needed to use the professional digital video equipment provided. We will carefully go over technical aspects of DSLR cameras, microphones, lighting, and production procedures. Teens will work as a team, and each member will have the opportunity to experience the different roles that are needed to complete a video project. We will view and discuss each day's work and examine the techniques and methods used by successful filmmakers and photographers, both past and present, to further our understanding of the medium.

Weeks Four & Five: Post-production. Using the scripts and storyboards as a guide, Teens will begin to learn the final process of bringing their project to completion. They will be taught the fundamentals of digital video and image editing on Mac computers and will learn to integrate computer graphics and digital effects. The process will include working with DSLRs, digital video cameras, and digital effects creation on our digital editing systems. Using these tools, students will have the opportunity to bring their unique vision to life.